Exhibition | Obra Negra


Carrer de l’Albergueria, 1. 08500 Vic

Majestic, the black color knows no limits and embraces all other colors.
Month after month of this year 2020, I have worked on a set of seven paintings made
with black pigment,obtained from calcined bones, and the pure white of calcium carbonate.
I have named these pictorial works, made with two extreme colors, Obra negra [Black Work].
The references and evocations that this title provokes in me are plural, between the imaginary
and the impalpable. In this brief note, it is convenient to quote the epigraph that,
as an alchemical currency, writes Marguerite Yourcenar in the second part of her novel
L’Œuvre au noir:
Obscurum per obscurius / Ignotum per ignotius.
Going towards the darkness for the uttermost dark. To the unknown for the most incognito.
And finally I should add that, as a painter, in hours of shadow is light what moves me.

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